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May 08, 2009


Suzanne Tulien

I noticed that none of your celebrity speakers slotted for this event focus on the internal side of brand definition and creation; a huge oversight! Branding is not just about exposure, but rather the actual promise of a specific experience. Businesses need to learn about defining their internal Brand DNA and then how to action it through behaviors, systems/processes, and in their culture and leadership. Too much emphasis is spent on the external side and not enough about the internal development of a brand-culture within the company. You can spend thousands/millions on marketing to get customers 'in the door' -- BUT HOW DO YOU KEEP THEM COMING BACK?

The Brand Ascension Group specializes in internal brand definition, with our proprietary methodology called Brand DNA.(see web site below) Next year, we'd be honored to fulfill a slot in your (Brand Manage Camp) agenda to better round-out a more comprehensive education on brand development.


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