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August 17, 2006



I agree 100% that it was a theoretically excellent idea to provide these things so quickly to travelers. But now the opportunity exists to really target this to consumers that will appreciate it.

For years hotels have had the opportunity to target females better and I never understoon why none of them ever seemed to be doing it that well, unless my needs are truly that different than most others.

No matter how tough we seem as we drag our own luggage through the airports and hoist it into the overheads ourselves, I believe that most women would love to feel a little nurtured when we are away from our homes, families and pets.

Every hotel I stay in (about 50 times a year) provides shampoo and conditioner and will give you toothpaste if you forget it. But with the exception of few really premium hotels, it's mostly cheap, watery stuff and often there isn't even enough in the bottle. In addition, when you travel almost every week, you want your own brands because women are highly brand loyal when it comes to health and beauty.

Hence, as a female, I still have to travel with 1) body moisturizer
2)face cream 3) shampoo 4) conditioner
5) face soap 6) toothpaste 7)hair gel and
8)contact solution. Besides the space it takes up, the collective value of this collection of the pursuit of eternal youth runs into the hundreds of dollars. And no offense to anyone's really superb effort to remedy this latest air travel challenge, but it's not the toothpaste that costs big bucks to buy every week.

If hotels really want to address this issue for women, can't they buy a selection of premium brand shampoos and conditioners and let me dispense it into individual, hotel branded bottles that i can use for however long I'm there? Or they could get lots of small bottles or samples, but they should get a selection of premium products because we aren't 'one size fits all' when it comes to health and beauty. One of us loves Redken, the next one swears by Biolage.

Instead of using the hotel bathroom to display one vendors' products, why not use the hotel bathroom to make me feel like I'm still at home? What if upon check in, I was asked which of the following selection of premium products I would prefer and how much of each would I require? That would be so much better than running water into a tiny, slippery little bottle and banging it against my hand while trying to squeeze out enough conditioner to cover my massive head of hair.

I see that Westin now markets the Heavenly Bathroom after their success with the Heavenly Bed. Thats' a great idea. But my idea of both a heavenly bathroom and a heavenly bed is really my own bathroom and my own bed! Any hotel who moves in that direction will really have something!

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