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June 27, 2006



Boo hoo. Contact the manufacturer.


A reasonable solution at this point. However, my point is that next time I'll just get the best price online as opposed to buying it at the Apple Store. Since you're going to have to deal with the manufacturer directly if anything goes wrong, why deal with Apple at all in the first place?

Most retail competitors have at least a 30 day return policy on non-computer hardware products and some - like Costco - will take anything back at any time.

M. Conrad

I had my first and last experience at an Apple Store recently. I tried to return an unopened iPod Nano at the Pleasanton, California store two days after the 14-day policy. I hoped that they would honor the return since it was close to the cut-off date and the item was still sealed in the original package. Unfortunately, the store manager, Michael Robertson, was not receptive and was actually very snooty. His response to my request was, "I'm not obligated to do that...blah, blah, blah...".

If this is the way Apple Stores treat loyal customers, then I think they should leave the store sales to their channel partners.

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